End of the semester crunch.

This semester has flown by super fast, but it’s been one of my best semesters yet at UT. There is so much I’ve been able to learn in such a short period of time… it’s unreal. I think what I’m thankful for most is the fact my 461social class got me back into this whole blogging business. I was going about it wrong at first, but I finally feel like I’m where I’m finally satisfied with it (for the most part). I never keep things the same for too long, that’s boring!

I am literally counting down the days until summer break on my desktop calendar at work. The weeks, days, hours are dwindling down and here are the things I’m looking forward to most this summer:

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A day in Bristol, TN

Apparently I am going through some sort of travel withdrawal with both of my latest posts being about travel – 5 reasons you must visit Bristol/TN at least once and 5 reasons you should visit Vegas at least once. I couldn’t do Bristol, TN justice unless I provided where to go while you’re there. If you plan on driving to Bristol for the day, I’ve put together some places you won’t want to miss.

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Taylor Swift does it again

I definitely love everything about this Taylor Swift commercial. I think the best part is the fact she continues to sing after Drake causes her to fall straight on her face… I would only hope to have that much enthusiasm if the same thing happened to me with millions watching on Facebook and Instagram.

This new 60-second ad promotes Apple Music as “Distractingly Good” in the commercial titled cleverly titled Taylor vs. Treadmill.

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Give me your pants

Can we talk about this advertisement? To start, I love what Old Navy does with their ads. The newest ad, featuring Elizabeth Banks, aired on primetime Feb. 24. She brings in just the right amount of humor telling the girls on the crosswalk to give her their pants.. she is so serious about it because hey it’s not everyday you come across cute pants right?

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Don’t just deal with stress, conquer it.


We all have those days.. I’m talking about the days you don’t know whether to cry about looking like this creepy version of Kermit due to being out of mascara (literally what I feel like) or to cry because of all the research you need to get done with little to no time to complete it. These days are the ones we dread the most (or at least I do).

Chin up, beautiful! You got this. Here are some de-stressing life hacks I use when life is overwhelming and I literally feel like pulling my hair out.  Continue reading