Kathryn Starnes, M.S.

After many sleepless nights at Hodges library, I finally made it!

Walking into Hodges with an ice-cold Redbull in hand, I was ready to conquer my final night of prep work. A few hours into prepping for my orals presentation, I realized I was going to need a lot more caffeine to keep me awake. I resorted to my usual combo for late night studying – an AWAKE caffeinated chocolate bar and Venti Starbucks iced white chocolate mocha. This was not necessarily the healthiest bet, but I was looking for something to guarantee my eyes would not close.

I left Hodges the next morning surprised I could still stay awake to drive home, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 6.05.08 PM

My Fuel Up Subway campaign ad

My oral presentation the following day did’t really go as planned; I bombed it (or it felt like I did). I received my feedback, went to my car, and cried (let’s be honest, I balled my eyes out). Perseverance is something I’d never really given much thought to until I depended on it for grad school. Not only was I now having to go back and re-visit my campaign during the final days in order to graduate, but I was also being challenged at work. I was managing my team of about 30 employees while also managing my colleagues’ team during her maternity leave (did I mention it was year-end review time?). But guess what? I did the damn thing. I made the necessary revisions, and finished out the semester with an advertising campaign that I can be proud of.

On Thursday, December 14, I walked across the stage at Thompson-Boling Arena to receive my M.S from the University of Tennessee .

UT MS Graduation

Post-graduation I was in for a big change to start off 2018 – a relocation with my job to Arizona!

Until next time with new Arizona adventures,

Screenshot 2016-02-26 02.03.38




2 thoughts on “Kathryn Starnes, M.S.

  1. eplusfequalsg says:

    Way to go girl!! I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments 🙂 I don’t know how you do it all! I can’t wait to hear about your life in AZ. I do miss you dearly, but now I have a reason to visit!

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