Staff Appreciation Week

When the idea for Senior Team (group of people I supervise) Appreciation Week came up – I was ecstatic. It’s not every day you get to throw a WEEK LONG party for your team at work.

Day 1 started with Beach Day. This day was filled with snow cones, flower leis, and a one of our daily drawings – “Primo Parking” (parking close to the entrance – normally reserved).

Primo Parking

Day 2 was Movie Day. Our daily drawing on Tuesday was for a $25 Regal Gift Card and a few gift bags filled with goodies (CVS Caremark SWAG, candy, office supplies). I also got to try my hand at making Movie Theater popcorn, which was pretty fun. Chocolate was then passed out to go with it (The only thing missing was a feature film).

Movie Day

Wednesday was 80’s Day! Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun re-living this epic decade. Day 3 consisted of neon, big hair, side ponytails, sweatbands, scrunchies, and leg warmers. You definitely could say it was a blast from the past.

80's Day

I basically looked like I came straight to work after doing my early morning Jane Fonda work out routine (at least my outfit was super comfy).

ME on 80's Day

80's Day2

Me and some of the gang dressed up on 80’s Day                         [notice the boom box]

[Day 4] Thursday was Super Hero Day. Our operations managers provided a catered lunch, and a yummy cake to show their gratitude to our team.

Super Hero Day

thank you

Let there be goodie bags – part of our daily drawings. I took dollar tree bags and jazzed them up with Super Hero symbols printed in color – I really liked how they turned out.

Prize Winners

Friday was the final day of Staff Appreciation Week. Client Support provided our team with some delicious cupcakes. The Tier II Supervisors (My buddy Supervisor and myself) provided pizza.

We ended the day with a Senior Team Recognition Ceremony. “Senior Shout Out” cards were passed out around our center. Employees, Managers, and Client Support were given the opportunity to write a “Senior Shout Out” to acknowledge and recognize any Senior Support member who has helped them in the past.

Friday Appreciation Day

As you can see my team is basically one big happy family, which makes for a really fun, supportive, work environment.

Senior Team

I’m truly fortunate to have such a great team of people – they deserved this week of appreciation. Not a lot of people realize what the Senior Team does for a PBM. It can be both difficult and stressful taking escalated calls on a daily basis, but it doesn’t compare to how rewarding it feels being the hero in someone’s life when resolution is reached. I value each member of our team because let’s face they have a difficult job, but what makes a difference is the fact they truly care about finding the resolution to extremely difficult prescription benefit issues. Each member of our team is unique in their own way and has something different to bring to the table, which makes them a true asset to our company. Here’s to the team who puts the CARE in CVS Caremark.

Screenshot 2016-02-26 02.03.38



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