The power of influence

I’ve had so much required reading this semester, but ROI: Return on Influence written by Mark Schaefer was worth every minute. This book is a must read for any individual or business trying to improve their online presence.


In reading ROI: Return on Influence it really taught me how to become more influential on the social web. In times of question or doubt, people will turn to others whether it be via blog or reviews to gain feedback that could potentially be a good or bad thing for the brand. Whenever I’m traveling, reviews are the first place I look when deciding where to go, and I’m not alone. An overwhelming amount of people trust what they read online without doing their own research. Schaefer explains through ROI: Return on Influence that you don’t have to maintain celebrity status to be an influencer, you just have to generate positive, sharable content that helps create influence online. According to Schaefer, customers become influential advocates when they are able to connect their passion to a product and shape its message into their own. At this point the company is essentially placing its trust and the voice of the brand with its customers who are most passionate. The power of the citizen influencers is unreal.


The most effective way to create influence is a difficult question to answer, but revolves heavily around content. Content is everything. Content is power.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 5.24.18 PM

Schaefer explains how your influence can be captured for the world to see through a websites known as Klout or PeerIndex (acquired by Brandwatch) that measures online social influence through various social media platforms that you use on a daily basis. I enjoyed reading about how Klout was thought up while the soon to be founder was cooped up in his apartment recovering from jaw surgery. He had to overcome many obstacles before he became successful, which included being out of work. It’s important to realize that not everyone who is successful starts out that way. The average person’s Klout score is around 40. My current Klout score isn’t too shabby, but of course the hubby turned this into a friendly competition (he is constantly checking his score). He is currently only a few points higher than me at 58.

Now it’s your turn to learn how to become a social influencer online. Find a cozy spot, your favorite warm drink, and a copy of ROI: Return on Influence.

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