Content is everything.

When I found out Mark Schaefer was coming to our class at UT, I was stoked.

He gave our class a lot of great advice when it came to generating useful content whether it be on a blog or on various social media platforms.

The conversation in class was casual and we were able to pick his brain about anything we wanted to know, which was pretty neat.

I think the coolest thing about Mark coming to class was that I had the opportunity to have a best selling author sign all his books: The Content Code, ROI: Return to Influence, and The Tao of Twitter. These are some great reads if you are trying to improve your social media presence and I highly recommend them.



Here are some key takeaways from the discussion between Mark and my #461social class.Screenshot 2016-04-16 18.38.03

“People crave a human connection. People buy from who they know, trust, and like.”

– Mark Schaefer

Not to mention a BADASS strategy:

B – Branding

A – Audience

D – Distribution

A – Authority

S – Social Proof

S– Sharability


Until next time,
Screenshot 2016-02-26 02.03.38


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