A day in Bristol, TN

Apparently I am going through some sort of travel withdrawal with both of my latest posts being about travel – 5 reasons you must visit Bristol/TN at least once and 5 reasons you should visit Vegas at least once. I couldn’t do Bristol, TN justice unless I provided where to go while you’re there. If you plan on driving to Bristol for the day, I’ve put together some places you won’t want to miss.

Wake up and drive to Pal’s for breakfast. Drive down the parkway and look for the building with the large hotdog and burger on the front of the building.. you can’t miss it. You have to start your day with cheddar rounds and a peachy tea.

Next stop…

Bristol Tennessee High School Stone Castle

Home to the Tennessee Vikings, the Stone Castle is one of Bristol’s most historic landmarks. The Stone Castle was built between the years of 1934 and 1937 during the New Deal by the Works Progress Administration. The stadium was was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

Next, you’ll want to stop by Tootie’s for lunch. I’m not being bias just because it’s run by my great uncle Arvil, I’m suggesting you eat here because you won’t be disappointed. You must order the Arvil Burger, no questions asked.



After consuming a meal you won’t forget, head over to King University. I have to give credit to this college for giving me a start in undergrad during my senior year of high school.

King University

Take a pleasant drive through this beautiful campus while you’re on this side of town. I practically grew up in a nearby subdivision that’s in walking distance – Forest Hills.


Photo courtesy of collegesofdistinction.com

From here you will want to head down to State Street.

State Street

There is so much going on downtown, especially since I’ve moved to Knoxville, TN. I’ll give you a quick rundown of what makes State Street special that you won’t want to miss.

Paramount Theater

If you can, try to catch a show, performance, or ballet.

Birthplace of Country Music Museum

Bristol, TN and Bristol, Va came together to make this place happen. The Birthplace of Country Music Museum, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, takes you on a fascinating journey to explore the musical heritage of this town.


Photo courtesy of onlyinyourstate.com

From Art Galleries to Specialty Shops to Restaurants oh my! 

After visiting the Paramount and the Birthplace of Country Music Museum, stopping to get something to eat is a must. What I love most are the diverse dining options on State Street.. there are so many to choose from. I’ve touched on a few in my last post, but here are a few more that are pretty awesome. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, I’ve selected two options for dining.

Eatz on Moore Street – food for the soul pink-dollar-sign-clipart-1



620 State – upscale meets contemporary pink-dollar-sign-clipart-1 pink-dollar-sign-clipart-1

If you are craving anything from sushi to burgers, stop here to eat. The food is phenomenal.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.47.48 AM.png

Paying a visit to at least one art gallery or specialty shop is a must. A Work of Art Gallery, showcases local talent that is owned and operated fully by the artists. You’ve also got a unique variety of specialty shops you’ll want to check out.


Photo courtesy of Briana Morris

If you’re still full of energy and looking for adventure… head over to the newest development in Bristol, TN/VA, the Pinnacle for your last stop.

This shopping development is set up for the men to be dropped off at Bass Pro while the ladies explore all the other shops in this massive shopping complex.

Located just off I-81 at Exit 74B


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 3.37.44 AM

If you live outside the region, Bristol, TN may have never crossed your mind as a place to visit. I highly recommend paying a visit to Bristol. The city is unique in that two states share the same city. I grew up in both states really. I attended church and went to the public library in Bristol, VA, but went to school and worked in Bristol, TN. One of the key indicators you are on Bristol, VA side is when it comes to sales tax, but for those with a curious mind Bristol is just one place.

Check out believeinbristol.org to find out even more info about what’s going on in my beloved hometown.

Hope this helps in your efforts to tackle Bristol in a day.

Screenshot 2016-02-26 02.03.38



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