Solving crisis one workshop at a time

Monday, March 28 rolled around and it hit me, UTK Social Media Week is finally here. #utsmw16

First stop, the comm building foyer. Look at these snazzy balloons!


The Digital Crisis Simulation Workshop started promptly at 4:00PM on Monday afternoon. Although this leaned more toward the PR side of things, I was happy to attend.

We were joined by Director of The Brunswick Group, Zack Condry, and Mark Palmer who also works for The Brunswick Group.

The workshop started with a brief introduction from Zack and Mark. Crisis was then defined and explained. Zack really focused on empathy and how he has to stop and realize how this is impacting the other party.

Empathy is actually more difficult to tackle than most people would think. It’s so easy to get caught up in your routine of resolving crisis because let’s face it – it’s your job. This may be something you do every day, but it’s important to stop and realize it’s your client’s reputation on the line.

A crisis simulation was then presented, and I was blown away. We were in charge of resolving a VTech toy crisis. It was revealed that a hacker obtained children’s headshots and chatlogs from VTech. I almost didn’t believe it was true until I saw this article online –

Hacker Obtained Children’s Headshots and Chatlogs From Toymaker VTech 

In present day, crisis has been taken to a whole different level – the digital one. The Digital Crisis Simulation Workshop was a unique experience that brought modern day technique to life.


In case you are curious about my experience at other sessions of UTSMW, stay tuned for my next post.

To be continued,

Screenshot 2016-02-26 02.03.38


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