Tackle life the Betty White way

From her time on Golden Girls to hilarious interviews, some of the very best advice comes from 94-year-old Betty White. She reminds me a lot of my precious Nana. If Betty has taught me one thing it is to care less about what others think and more about what makes you happy.

I wanted to share some of her very best quotes that can help with whatever life throws at you.

When you need strength:

As Coco Chanel once said, “You should be two things in life, classy and fabulous.” Always maintain confidence in whatever you do. This Betty White quote brings out two very valid points in life..especially mine. I always want to appear elegant and graceful, but surprise everyone with my strength and perseverance.


Butterflies are like women – we may look pretty and delicate, but baby we can fly through a hurricane.

When you need some to trust:

For starters I can always trust my hubby, but not everyone has that. Animals will love you when no one else will.


They never lie to you. You know that when they tell you something they mean it. They just love you, it’s that simple.

I can scold my fur-babies for making mistakes or doing “no mam’s” (A “no mam” is something like peeing inside when they know better), but regardless they will always run up to me with kissies and love when I get home from work. Let animals love you, it is the best therapy that money can’t buy… plus they will always keep your secrets.


When you need to feel wonderful:

There is no better medicine in life than laughter. It literally gets me through my roughest days.


Laughter keeps everyone feeling wonderful.



Until next time,

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