Pawprints on my heart.

The best advice I could give in life is to adopt a pet. Whatever your fancy whether it be dogs, cats, snakes, birds… just adopt. It will change your life forever and for the better… it did mine anyway.

I’ll never forget the day we adopted Pebbles. Pebbles came into our lives unexpectedly the summer before my first semester of college. She honestly looked a step away from a hot mess when we bought her from the breeder, but she was the best decision Chris & I ever made as a couple.

Screenshot 2016-03-10 23.37.15.png

Meet Pebbles:

Breed: Shih Tzu

Nicknames: Pebbleroo, Roo, Rooni, Ruthie

Personality: Diva, Attention-Seeker, Protective, Piggie-Pants

Favorite Thing to Do: Cuddle

If stuck on an island with nothing, her one must have item: Chewstick

Months it took to learn potty training: 6

Screenshot 2016-03-10 23.46.46.png

Roxy came next. Three years of tireless nights playing fetch (literally for hours) with Pebbles, we made the decision to adopt a playmate. We were looking for another Shih Tzu, but found our precious Roxy who happens to be an Affen Tzu.

Meet Roxy:

Age: 2-years-old

Nicknames: Roxanne, baby girl, little baby

Personality: Shy, Timid, Sweet

Oddest thing she does: Sneezes and Burps

My favorite toy: Whatever Pebbles is playing with

Months it took to learn potty training: 13… I am now crate trained.


These two little bundles of joy are worth every vet bill, grooming appt., and months of time spent potty training.

Have any questions or comments about my two fur-babies? Comments are welcome!

Until we meet again,

Screenshot 2016-02-26 02.03.38


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