Let’s talk about sex.


Project Consent is probably the creepiest non-profit campaign I’ve seen in awhile. When I stumbled across this ad on Twitter I had to do a double-take.. was I really seeing this? It does’t get much more uncomfortable (for me at least) than seeing a talking hand and boob on your screen.. among other things involved in these short videos.

According to an Adweek article by Tim Nudd, Project Consent is a non-profit campaign developed to combat rape culture, and prefers a more straightforward approach to the issue.

A police campaign, Consent: It’s as Simple as Tea, has received criticism of hiding behind the analogy of tea to talk about assault and rape, but was this really a better approach?

Project Consent talks to Men’s Humor on Twitter about teaching “kids” about consent. I talked to my husband on this being that he is generally more open-minded, and even he agrees this is a little much if the target audience deals with minors. The campaign is catchy, but the question stands… is it really appropriate?


The cast of body parts is used to “advocate a future in which sexual abuse is not trivialized in the world.” I agree with the mission of this campaign… I’m just not so sure about the use of these body parts to convey the message.

Thoughts and feedback are welcome in the comments below as always!

Until we meet again,

Screenshot 2016-02-26 02.03.38


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sex.

  1. MistyW says:

    I can’t visually imagine my kids watching this, but I’m the kind of mom that my older kids wouldn’t be surprised if I made them watch it. But I LOVE “I’m a penis but I’m not a dick”. And my older kids would get that. I’m super open with my kids and they are with me. My 9 year old understands periods and reproducing and inappropriate touch natutally. No sit down videos needed and we would die laughing at talking gender parts. But that’s just me and mine and I’ve learned a lot don’t have that. Which brings crazy questions from my kids friends because they know I’ll answer anything or learn with them.

    • Simply Starnes says:

      I think the life like visuals are what throws me off most about this ad. While I think it’s something kids need to be aware of.. I guess the real question is how young is too young? I think it is totally appropriate for an older audience.. it definitely catches your eye when scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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