You’re Married?

The day has finally come.. the post about my marriage.

Here are 7 of the most common myths about marriage explained by that chick who is married.

1. Ew, you guys must get tired of being around each other 24/7.



Excuse me for being cheesy for just a moment.. but when you fall in love with the true love of your life there is no “getting tired” of the other person. If you are in a relationship where you dread spending time with your significant other..get out while you can.


2. Oh that’s right.. you can’t go out, party, or socialize because you’re married.


My husband and I have a great marriage (yes I’m going to brag). We just get each other. I never said our marriage was perfect.. no marriage is. However, there has not been one time I have cancelled going out with my friends, attending a party, or whatever the occasion because of my husband. If I want to go and he doesn’t or vice versa it doesn’t impact plans we’ve committed to.. we fly solo sometimes. To help unravel the mystery.. yes married couples still like to have fun. Which leads to my next misconception..


3. That girl must be boring because she is married and different than us. 


The most challenging part of college has not been the courses (you would think so right?).. it has been trying to mix in with all the other traditional students. UT definitely hasn’t made that part easy. Being married hasn’t changed who I am.. if anything it’s made me a better person (more understanding, etc).

4. You guys never argue.

I’m not prepared to sugar coat anything.. sure we argue. Relationships are real and there isn’t a special recipe that exists to have a so-called perfect marriage. The key is figuring out where you disagree and learning how to work through it. Chris is super OCD and we’ve had to work together to compromise (yes he is a certified clean freak).

5. You either have kids since you are married or you got married because you were young and pregnant.



This is literally the look I get from people when they find out my age and how long I’ve been married. I do plan on children in the future, but no to answer the question just because I am married does not mean we have kids.


6. Cheating isn’t a deal breaker.

Cheating is the biggest deal breaker in my book. Chris and I both see eye to eye on this subject. This happens to be a highly controversial topic not only in the realm of dating, but in marriage as well. But here’s the thing, if you are in a situation you don’t want to be in get out, don’t cheat.. it’s that simple.

7. You guys are so happy and face no obstacles.

mxrwsmqulokmw Yes we are very happily married, but our marriage has it’s challenges. I knew from the start in the region we live in that people would have issues with a mixed couple. People will say all day either they aren’t prejudice or my favorite ” I don’t see color”, but overcoming this in the South will make or break your relationship. We have always been strong enough to push through and it has made us stronger overall.

Being married since the age of 18 has definitely not been easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other path. Marriage is one of those things some people, especially other students my age, don’t really get and that’s okay. I am so appreciative of his love and support. I don’t know what I would do without him (shout out to my A1 since day 1).


Questions/Comments/Feedback are welcome!


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4 thoughts on “You’re Married?

  1. eplusfequalsg says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I have loved reading your post! I couldn’t agree more with all that you have said except the having kids only because I got a bun in the oven haha! I feel like I am married to my best friend 🙂 oh wait… I am! Thanks for posting it was a real joy to read because I could totally relate! Btw you two are so stinking adorable!!

    • Simply Starnes says:

      Thanks for the feedback Faith! I completely agree.. being married to your best friend is the best gift you can receive in life. I appreciate the compliment.. you are too sweet!

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