Don’t just deal with stress, conquer it.


We all have those days.. I’m talking about the days you don’t know whether to cry about looking like this creepy version of Kermit due to being out of mascara (literally what I feel like) or to cry because of all the research you need to get done with little to no time to complete it. These days are the ones we dread the most (or at least I do).

Chin up, beautiful! You got this. Here are some de-stressing life hacks I use when life is overwhelming and I literally feel like pulling my hair out. 


The morning I realized I was out of mascara.

1. Remember to breathe. In haste of everything, this is very important if not the most important thing to remember. Take a breath, chill. I have to force myself to make time aside from work and apart from studying just for me. I find myself asking the question, “Is this productive?”(constantly).


I take this time to catch up on a TV episode of either Scandal, The Walking Dead, or Shades of Blue. If you’ve not tuned in to at least one these epic TV shows then you are missing out on life (but really). I’m not talking about spending hours watching re-runs of Friends.. I’m talking about maybe taking an hour tops to watch an episode that clears my head. I am able to then regain focus. Too much of anything can never be a good thing.

2. Make a list. Tackle small things first. I usually start with things I can control and finish like chores. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment.. no matter how small.


3. Find a reason to smile. There has to be something that makes you happy. My two fur-babies Roxy (left) & Pebbles (right) love to play. My husband Chris and I usually walk them around the apartments.  Watching them run and play puts a huge smile on my face. They each have their own personality. Roxy is a bit shy, but loves to play when she warms up to you and Pebbles is an attention seeking diva. When everything is going wrong in life I have to stay focused on what around me is going right (like these two bundles of joy).


Roxy & Pebbles, my fur-babies.


Questions/Comments/Feedback? I’d love to hear some more tips on how to de-stress. Hit me up with a comment below.

Until next time,

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One thought on “Don’t just deal with stress, conquer it.

  1. Teresa Richardson says:

    I know that so many people encounter stress. I like to drive without radio & music. The quiet time allows me to relax from the hustle & bustle. When at home a facial or pedicure is nice and also, a good clean comedy is relaxing- A merry heart is like a medicine!

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