The Simple Things

Happiness is in the eyes of the beholder. This state of mind does not happen overnight, but through a lifetime of experiences.

Here are a few so-called simple things that bring me happiness in life:


Nothing compares to standing in the wilderness and taking in a deep breath of crisp air. This tranquil environment is what I’ve always grown up with.

In the 7th grade my family took a trip to NYC. I absolutely loved the city, but my younger brother couldn’t wait to get back because of all the smog. I found it hilarious at the time and still do that something as simple as “air” could make someone feel homesick.

A Classic Cocktail

Among the many simple pleasures in life, you can always sit back and relax with a refreshing drink. Smoky Mountain Brewery, Calhoun’s, and Copper Cellar all include the same drink specials list. Most of the drinks start at $4, which for a cocktail you can’t hardly beat.


Blackberry Margarita courtesy of Smoky Mtn Brewery in Knoxville, TN


My Sweet Nana

I love this woman more than life itself. In her spare time she likes to bake caramel cake, go to yard sales (bargain shopping.. it’s in my genes), and watch Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown.

She is probably the sweetest woman you will ever meet and loves everyone .. if she ever has a thought about you, then you will know it.

Her kindness keeps me motivated and has made me a better person.

This picture was her first “selfie” and she was striking a pose (notice her arm).





My Adorable Nephew Cayden

What’s not to love about this precious smile!

According to his mom,  at the age of one he enjoys playing with his cars and trucks, walking around, waving hello, and going to put things in the trash can.

This little handsome man is a gift to the world. He is always giggling and so happy.








Laughing at Myself (most importantly)

If you can’t laugh at yourself in life, then you’re not living. I have so much fun with the lenses on SnapChat… (if you can’t tell).



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