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I will shamefully admit I’ve had Twitter for what seems like years now, but never used it to its fullest potential until recently. I’m not going to lie, understanding the purpose of Twitter can be discouraging. I quickly fell into a state of discouragement myself when creating an account.

I found what Mark Schaefer wrote in his book, Tao of Twitter, to come in handy when trying to take advantage of what Twitter has to offer. I hope to share some of his hacks to help all the other newbies out there as well. 

Schaefer offered some great advise in his book. He explained Twitter is about forming relationships that actually matter. Creating your own voice, your own personality is key. For awhile, before reading Tao of Twitter, my voice was a bit lost on this social media platform. I honestly used Twitter for retweets of quotes and thought that was its sole purpose.. silly I know. When I started back on Twitter for my #461social class I was still going about it all wrong. I had yet to establish my own vibe, my own voice.

Schaefer mentions that your Twitter account also needs to be personal. Be yourself! Nothing is worse than a poser…


People will either like you or find you annoying, but it’s important to be genuine.


Pretty much…

Finding a so-called tribe was a newly introduced concept in Tao of Twitter that I found to be of great use. This is the hardest part for me. Signing up for Twitter and flying blind so to say is not the most effective strategy for this social media site. Find people that share your interests. Putting a hashtag at the end of your tweets will not only help attract followers, but help get your content out there.

Being recognized by important people at the end of the day is not what matters most… but it doesn’t hurt either. There are so many networking opportunities available, so if you haven’t already.. give it a go!

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