The perfect Valentine’s Day gift

Being able to show someone you love them has its challenges. It typically falls somewhere in the top 5 of life’s most difficult things to accomplish (it is definitely in my top 5). Selection of the perfect gift can prove to be a rather difficult process. Whether it be for a loved one of significant other, showing love becomes a little more simple with the help of certain brands. I’ll admit gifts are not the main or essential key to showing someone you love them, but they sure do help. Here is one of my “hacks” for giving one of life’s perfect gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Edible Arrangements is by far one of my favorite gifts to receive from my hubby no matter which occasion (Valentine’s Day is just one my faves). The arrangement is delivered in a refrigerated van on the day of your request. With a location here locally in Knoxville, TN, it is a super convenient and unique gift option.

The arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries in a heart-shaped box (shown below) was delivered to my job yesterday. They were so yummy! The fruit is always super fresh.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here is a playlist of some of my favorite love songs .. Eh I’m cheesy sometimes, what can I say?

Comments/Opinions/Questions are welcome! Hit me up with a comment below.



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