Puppymonkeybaby: The Real Deal

More talk about #puppymonkeybaby … and to answer the obvious question, no I am not obsessed with this ad (which I guess is slightly debatable). 


Who would have thought the new face of  Mtn Dew Kickstart would generate so much attention? .. the creatives did. According to AdWeek, Mountain Dew’s director of brand marketing Sadira Furlow told Adweek the Super Bowl campaign generated 11 million views across social media since its first teaser spot launched on Jan. 22, 2016.

This week at NBA All Star Week in Toronto, Canada, #puppymonkeybaby made its first public appearance since the live Super Bowl commercial Feb. 7, 2016.


Ad viewers are still talking about this “creepy” ad and some have created their own version… which has the potential to spark a new campaign. The campaign would have the opportunity to incorporate user generated content for this product and use the notoriety Puppymonkeybaby has received thus far to its advantage.

Thought/Opinions/Comments about this ad? Hit me up in the comments below!


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