5 Study Hacks for the Last Minute Student

Let’s face it.. “last minute” everything is what the average college student deals with. Aside from class and so-called time for studying, most of us either have a job, relationship, or club that takes up a majority of our time. If you don’t have anything else to do but eat, sleep, study… consider yourself a golden egg (or privileged).

Here are 5 study hacks of my own that help when I am scrambling to study last minute:

  1. Coffee: Coffee is at the top of my list for a reason. This wonderful choice of beverage has got me through most of grad school, and all of undergrad. Coffee is bae. Caffeine will help give you the extra boost of energy needed to get through writing your 10 page paper in one night (yes it has happened) to re-writing it in the A.M. once you realize your computer crashed the night before (this is real life).

This delectable cup of joe is courtesy of The Golden Roast right off Cumberland Ave


2. Find the right study environment: Find a study environment that works best for you. This is essential. There are a couple of reasons why this is critical. You need a place that you can get in the zone. A place that you can get away from everything that may distract you.
Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 2.35.35 AM

Pebbles & Roxy (my two fur babies) distract me in ways non-dog owners would not begin to understand. I feel a constant need to either love on them or play with them. As this being one of many reasons, my apartment is not suitable for my study environment.

My happy place is in the library or a coffee shop. I can easily get in the zone and get work done. Find music that helps you concentrate. I usually put in headphones and listen to classical music and nature sounds to help clear my head. It also relaxes me while studying.


3. Stay Focused: It is so easy to get distracted. Having plenty of coffee and the right study environment should help with this, but you have to also be determined to keep your mind right. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat to name a few) needs to wait until everything is finished. Disabling social media is easier said then done, but I promise it will make a huge difference when trying to have an epic cram session.. all the posts will still be there tomorrow and the next day.

4. Break EVERYTHING down: Yes, everything. Let’s start with this for example.. you are reading text from one of your books and don’t understand a term. STOP. Go to Google and look it up. You will thank yourself later. Everything you read needs to make sense. If you are cramming, it is better to fully understand a portion of what you read then to skim over everything and not understand any of it.

5. DON’T avoid sleep: Sleep is nonnegotiable. Other than playing a major role in your physical health, getting the sleep you need the night before (or the morning technically speaking) will help you be more productive and function better. In other words I have found it better to wake up early and finish my papers rather than stay up that extra hour. Why is that? You are more alert when you first wake up. Bobbing your head up and down with eyes barely open, you are 10x more likely (figuratively speaking) to make unnecessary errors. Let’s face it, at the brink of passing out on top of your book, whatever read will most likely not be remembered, or whatever you write will not be worth keeping. Just go to sleep!

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Hope these studying hacks come in handy! Are there any study hacks that work for you? I’d love to hear them! Comments/Questions/Feedback are welcome!



2 thoughts on “5 Study Hacks for the Last Minute Student

  1. Teresa Richardson says:

    If I’m not able to leave my home, I make sure the TV is turned off and any other devices which could be distracting. Sitting at a desk or kitchen table is also better than a couch, bed, or recliner to read and study material. It helps keep me from getting sleepy and I stay focused & I’m able to finish the assignment.

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