Happiness in a Cup.

Starbucks is my ish. There are certain brands I really enjoy and this one happens to be on the top of the list. Is it really worth nearly $5 for a cup of joe? If it’s coming from the a cup with a nautical character (aka Starbucks)..yes. Now I know there are some haters out there when it comes to Starbucks, but there are several reasons why you should give it a go. 


First, this brand LOVES their customers. If a brand takes time to put extensive effort into making customers happy.. I will be your customer until the end of time (literally). I would be lying if I said I haven’t my share of horrible experiences, but what makes a true difference is how the company chooses to handle it. I once had an issue with how I was treated by an employee and was compensated with a $25 gift card. That is bizarre to me. I could see maybe one complimentary coffee (which I wasn’t expecting, nor did I request), but $25? That just blew my mind. Also, if you are ever in a store and the coffee isn’t to your liking they will always re-make it.

Second, once you buy a certain number of coffees (30 to be exact) in a years timeframe you are eligible to stay a gold member for another year. Why would you want to be a gold member though? Being a gold member definitely has its perks. Let’s start with FREE coffee… yes free. Once a year you turn a year older, or a day older depending how you look at it. On this very special day you are given a FREE coffee. Also, there are discounts given throughout the month to use at the store whether it be a breakfast/lunch item or a percentage off the coffee itself. Every 12 coffees you get a free coffee of any size.


Starbucks, founded in Seattle, WA, will always be one of my favorite places to grab a quick cup of joe. If you have any questions, comments, or your own Starbucks experience, hit me up in the comments below!



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