My new found love.

Shutterfly. This has to be one of the coolest websites around for all the passionate photography lovers out there. I know that I fit this category. I find myself traveling and taking all kinds of pics with no where to showcase them. The photobook offered on this site is the perfect solution.

When I was younger I always dreamed about writing my own book. Without getting publishers involved and such, this website made my childhood dream a reality. There is literally a story-telling function to help users put together their own book (dust covers are even an option) Pretty cool huh?

If you aren’t impressed yet, check out the neat pics of the book I ordered below.

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The book I ordered is probably the most basic, inexpensive option the site has to offer. I ordered the 5×7 soft cover option, but there are lots of other options as far as size, outer shell, etc.

Here’s the best part..there is a TON of free stuff! Just for signing up I was eligible for 24 free address labels, 50 free 4×6 prints, and a photo magnet (pictured below). I am not going to lie, there is a slight downfall to the so-called “free” items. There is a standard shipping fee of $7.99 that gets tacked onto the total along with tax; however you still can’t beat the incredible deal you get with the promo code to get your first purchase free! Just in case you’re thinking well the site probably offers a free shipping promo code.. they do! You just can’t double-dip in promo codes within the same order (bummer I know). I had to promise everyone on my snapchat that I wasn’t being endorsed by this brand. Seriously. All of my recent snaps have included sharing my love for Shutterfly. I may also mention that Shutterfly LOVES their customers and wants to encourage brand loyalty. Coupons are now flooding my mailbox. Whether it’s a home decor item with a picture on it, or a simple print, I am willing to guarantee this site has something for everyone.


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