I’m Back!

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, or re-visit for those who have visited in the past. I feel like I am taking an old dusty book off the shelf and blowing away the dust. It has definitely been awhile since I last posted.

In my last post I was just graduating from the University of Tennessee with a BA in communication with my heart set on grad school. Well… here I am in my fourth semester of grad school at UTK studying advertising. Instead of moving back home to Bristol, TN, I decided to stick around in big orange country. I have shifted gears from comm studies to advertising; however, I am so stoked to see where this thriving and ever growing field can take me. My main focus in advertising is studying emotional effects of advertising primarily in children, but with the general population as well. I originally created this blog for my undergrad coursework. It is now a requirement for the curriculum of my Social Media course, so I am bringing my blog back to life and the plan is to continue blogging post grad. I hope to expand my knowledge in effective strategies for best utilizing social media while enrolled in the course and reflect what I’ve learned through this blog. Simply Starnes will serve the purpose of creating a site that I can talk about my passion for “life hacks” and discuss PR/AD-related trends that come up this semester.

Family is really important to me, so I would like to formally introduce my fam bam:


My Affen Tzu Roxy


My husband of five years (and counting) … Chris


My Shih Tzu Pebbles