Way of Travel: Vegas

One of the hottest travel destinations in the USA, Vegas is a must see. With New York City being the city that never sleeps, Vegas is not far behind.

The “Las Vegas Strip” offers a variety of infamous resorts and casinos that allow you to enjoy pieces of the world in one location.

The Luxor’s pyramid shaped resort is taken right out of an ancient Eygptian scene. Down the road the Venetian and Paris Paris allow you to experience a piece of Europe. The Venetian resort offers authentic gondola rides with no trip to Venice required. The boat ride allows you to float along the resort on a lazy river beneath bridges, beside cafes, and pass by the Venetian streetscape. Paris Paris displays a replica of the eiffel tower as part of the resorts main attraction including an Eiffel Tower Restaurant located at the top of the tower.


The city of Las Vegas is internationally recognized primarily for its resorts, gambling, shows, and nightlife. Nearby attractions include Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon.



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