Way of Life: Inspire

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Way of Thinking: Dedication

Since I can remember, my young adult life has consisted of a full-time job and coursework since the start of my college career.

In a million years I never thought my younger sibling would attempt to fill my shoes. He has always seemed so determined to do his own thing. I graduated with a two-year degree in one year following high-school. My younger brother informed me he would be taking 18 credit hours at a local community college to graduate in one year as well. His main objective – rush through college. I myself rushed through college, and got married at the age of 18. The best advice I can give anyone entering college is enjoy the ride. While dedication is important, it is vital that you take time to relax, breathe, and take life one step at a time.

One thing I look back on and regret is not being able to spend more time in college. By spending more time I mean programs such as study abroad. One of my life ambition’s is to travel the world. Making my dreams a reality is my new life goal.

Way of Travel: Las Vegas Monorail

ImageThe Las Vegas Monorail is a unique way to travel up and down the Las Vegas Strip without long waiting. The monorail definitely tops waiting on a street corner for the city bus during the hot summer days. This ride is air conditioned and travel time is cut in half because traffic can be avoided.

On weekends the Las Vegas Monorail is running till 3 a.m., which is still late for those going out on the town. Taxi fares are outrageous in this city. Traveling just a few blocks up the strip can cost around $25 +tip.

The monorail fare averages to around $12/day per person. However, if you are planning on exploring more than just the strip, this ride is not recommended. Renting a car for around $30/day is your best bet for going to tourist sites such as the infamous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. All parking at the hotels are free, so other than the car rental itself there really aren’t any additional fees for transportation.

Think of the monorail as an above ground Subway. This ride makes stops starting at the MGM Grand Resort & Casino on the north end of the strip and ends its route at the south end of the Stratosphere Resort & Casino at the Sahara Station. Along the way your stops will include the Bally’s/Paris, Harrah’s, Flamingo/Ceasar’s Palace, Las Vegas Convention Center, and the LVH.