Work piggy

Over the years I’ve notices how the term work holds different meanings in various cultures. In America’s workaholic society, individuals “live to work” whereas in Hispanic culture many individuals “work to live.” Americans provide example daily that enjoying life is not a requirement, but an option. The phrase “you only live once” dose not apply to the working class of Americans. It is more common to see those in the work industry finding ways to make another dollar than finding ways to spend time with family.

Coming from a working class family myself, I am able to see first hand how hard my father works on a daily basis. A majority of Americans strive to not only make ends meet, but to go the extra mile so they can have nice things. In Latin America the work culture is on the opposite spectrum of the United States. Many people in these countries consider their work team as family. They participate in a mid day nap during their work day as well.

The work outlook in America is a constant hamster wheel. However, work in the United States is considered an entirely different work environment in and of itself.  With the US not falling far behind, the Chinese are becoming more commonly known as the hard work culture. Additionally, the Chinese display a high work centrality orientation and a highly pragmatic, instrumental view of work.

As I sat down at my computer and rushed to put in for overtime before my break was complete, I realized how Americans are all work hogs whether they are willing to admit it or not. Life is meant to be enjoyed, better yet lived. I need to start taking my journey one step at a time, so at the end of my life I can look back and see I enjoyed the art of life.


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