T-Mobile going global

T-mobile announced it’s launch of global coverage Oct 2013. This cellular service is now offering network coverage in over 100 different countries with no extra charge. The Simple Choice plan customers will receive coverage in over 115 global destinations.

I was employeed through WalMart for a couple of years as an Electronics sales associate. Customers were always complaining about not being able to use cell phones overseas. On the opposing end, several customers were from foreign countries. These customers were trying to find phones for when they traveled back home, but always faced roadblocks with several cell phone carriers not offering this service. The fact that T-Mobile is now offering global coverage at no cost is incredible. A majority of plan carriers such as Verizon offer global coverage, but for high rates. A typical phone bill charge for Verizon can run $25 extra monthly per 100MB for global data. With T-mobile announcing their latest part of their Uncarrier initiative, this company shows true competitive drive.


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